Chiropractors Don’t Only Deal With Neck And Back Pain

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Chiropractic

For many people, chiropractors are people they seek when they have a stiff neck, bad back or they have suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident. If you are one of these people that believe that this is all chiropractors in Lincoln Park deal with, you are in good company.

Chiropractic care can deal with and treat many other issues, some of which might come as a surprise. Here are a couple of issues suffered by many that a chiropractor can help with.


Ninety percent of the American public suffer from headaches, some more than others. Some people get the occasional tension headache while others suffer from persistent migraines. Many sufferers are of the opinion that the solution lies with painkillers; there is a better option, chiropractic care.

In-depth studies have been conducted across the country; over 70 percent of those that suffer from migraines reported an improvement after a course of chiropractic care.

The majority of headaches are closely related to tense neck muscles. This issue is becoming more common as so many people spend hour after hour sitting in the same position, often in front of a computer monitor or their television. It is important to move the neck periodically; it is this static position that leads to joint irritation and tension.

Chiropractors in Lincoln Park can, through manipulation, improve neck and spine function and relieve stress. The chiropractor will also provide professional advice on posture, neck exercises and techniques to help you relax.


When you are young and supple you take flexibility for granted. As you begin to age the affect of years of wear and tear begin to tell and your ability to move as you once did is affected.

As your range of motion decreases it is easier to sustain injuries or a degenerative condition that results in stiffness and pain which in turn limits your motion even further.

A chiropractor can reduce pain by bone and joint realignment; regular chiropractic care can rid you of back, neck and joint pain, leading to a better quality of life and allow you to remain flexible well into your old age.

Chiropractors in Lincoln Park can help people that are dealing with back and neck pain as well as a host of other troubling conditions. You are invited to visit any of the four locations of Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers for relief.

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