3 Types of Neck Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Pain Management Physician

Waking up with a stiff neck because you slept in an uncomfortable position normally isn’t a big deal. As you go about your day, this type of discomfort usually goes away on its own. There are times when moms, dads, workers, athletes, or kids might experience neck pain in Jacksonville, FL, that isn’t something that should be ignored. To help you figure out when it’s time to visit an Injury Care Center, here are three types of neck pain you should pay attention to.

1. Neck Pain Following a Traumatic Injury

Cervical spine (neck) pain sometimes comes on suddenly following a traumatic injury, like what may happen during a car accident or after sustaining a hard impact. Pain of this nature can easily involve issues with soft tissues, joints, and nerves. For this reason, a visit to an Injury Care Center is warranted.

2. Neck Pain That’s Getting Worse

As mentioned above, neck pain is sometimes minor and temporary. Still, there are times when inflammation slowly builds and contributes to other symptoms. A common example of this type of neck discomfort is what sometimes happens with whiplash. Even if you weren’t involved in a car accident, any type of neck pain that’s getting progressively worse after several weeks of self-care attempts needs to be properly diagnosed and treated.

3. Neck Pain with Radiating Symptoms

Neck-related discomfort is sometimes “sneaky” in the sense that you might have symptoms extending to nearby areas. If neck pain is radiating to your shoulders, arms, or upper back, it’s likely because of a “pinched” (compressed) nerve. You’ll be more likely to experience relief if the source of nerve irritation is found and properly treated.

Any persistent or severe neck pain Jacksonville, FL, residents are dealing with isn’t likely go away without some type of medical intervention. However, early treatment of neck-related pain at an Injury Care Center increases your odds of enjoying welcome relief. It’s just as important to do your part to prevent neck pain whenever possible by watching your posture, using a supportive chair at work, and being mindful of form and technique when playing sports.

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