Most Jacksonville, FL, Residents Will Experience Lower Back Pain

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Pain Management Physician

Most individuals will experience back pain at some point in their life. It is common for men and women to experience lower back pain starting in their 30s. This could be due to the aging process or living a sedentary lifestyle. The only neurological ailment is experienced more often than back pain is a headache.

The spine is an important structure of the body. It encases the delicate nerves that make up the spinal cord and supports the weight of the upper body. When visiting a Jacksonville spine center, medical professionals will look at everything from the neck to the pelvis. They will examine the spinal column, nerves, muscles, and other tissues. The spinal column is made of more than 30 bones. The spinal cord starts at the base of the brain and goes down to the rib cage.

When a person experiences back pain because of overuse or a minor injury, resting and using at-home treatment may be all that is needed to get them feeling better and back to their normal routine. However, if a person is dealing with moderate to severe pain and it has not gone away with at-home care, they should visit a Jacksonville spine center. Working with a medical professional is the only way to get the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Most doctors will not recommend surgery right away. They prefer to start with non-invasive methods to help their patients.

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