Why Have Lasting Relationships With Houston Hair Salons

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Salons and Spas

Women want to trust their hairstylist, and that can be nearly impossible if you use the chain shops because each time you go, you see someone new. You may move from one salon to another trying to find that one stylist that gives you the same excellent results each time. If you have a friend that gets quality results from Houston hair salons each time, it’s probably because they use the same stylist each time.

Remember that there are subtle differences in the thickness, body and care you give your tresses and a stylist has to have a chance to get familiar with yours. This doesn’t happen immediately, which is why you have to find someone you trust and stick with them. After a while, you’ll notice the stylist predicting which products will achieve which results, and be right.


Timing is everything in life. Whether you’re up for a promotion or need a new hairstyle, you can’t expect excellent things to happen overnight. Stylists must have the time necessary to know how various cutting methods will work with your tresses. That may mean that the first few times you see the same person, they make what you consider to be mistakes. However, they’re just learning about your mane, and you should give them some time.


Once you’ve built a relationship with a salon, you’ll have a more relaxing time. You know they understand your needs and will do their best, so you can relax and gossip to your heart’s content. Then, when they’re finished, you’ll get the excitement of seeing their creation and knowing it’s just what you wanted.


Houston hair salons are an intimate place to be and work. Your stylist is very close to you, physically and emotionally. She will be leaning over you, touching your head, shampooing and conditioning your tresses. She’ll also be close to you when cutting and may reach over and around the head. Therefore, you must feel comfortable with the person you’ve entrusted.

That won’t happen immediately, but you’ll get some “gut vibes” from your initial contact with the stylist. Do they seem perky and friendly? Does their personality mesh well with yours? Does she engage with you in conversation? These things will ensure that, over time, you have a healthy relationship with your stylist and will feel confident that they will get to know you and your needs.

Houston hair salons provide a professional and relaxing experience, so the more you get to know them, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Visit Marbella Spa and Salon now to learn more.

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