Where Are Stem Cells Found?

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Healthcare

You’ve heard a lot about stem cells, but, you still are not sure how they work. Where are stem cells found? How are they extracted? Today, researchers have more information and insight than ever into using stem cells to treat diseased cells throughout the body. It may be possible for future advances to change how we treat disease. But, understanding how the process works is important.

So, Where Are Stem Cells Found in the Body?

Throughout the body, there are adult or somatic stem cells. They are generally found in various types of tissues in the body. They are found in the brain itself. They are also found in the blood and the skeletal muscles. They can be found in the skin, liver, and various other areas. Perhaps the richest source of them, though, are those found in the bone marrow. When you work with a team for stem cell treatments, they will provide more information about where the stem cells they need are located.

Where are stem cells found is really only the first step. They are extracted in a method based on their location. For example, it is possible to gather stem cells from blood or an umbilical cord blood through a simpler system than removing them from bone marrow. What’s important to know is that it is not necessarily painful, and it does not require significant surgery or other invasive treatments to extract them, but they can be highly effective when they are gathered. Understanding how they can work for you is a very important step in treating many conditions.

It’s incredible to see the advances available to you. At MetroMD, we understand where are stem cells found and are providing patients like you with new opportunities. Contact us to learn more about the options available to you today.

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