When You Need Help With Hiring Surgical Technicians and Sterile Processing Staff

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Healthcare

You run a large outpatient surgical center and you are always on the lookout for excellent surgical support staff. In these times of staff shortages you wonder how you will cover, even if it is temporary, your staffing needs.

You are also short of a sterile processing manager and frankly, while you have interviews a couple of people and have not found the right match for your center.

How do you go about filling these positions, even if it is on a temporary basis? There are specific companies within the medical field that can help you out in this emergent situation. You want to find an agency that can fill both of your open positions. You need both a sterile processing manager and a surgical tech. You may be able to use the service of a surgical tech travel agency.

If you are a job seeker and you are wiling to travel, there are endless opportunities for you. Working for a surgical tech travel agency you will be able to use your skills in various venues, make money and see part of the US you have always wanted to see.

If you are looking to work as a sterile processing manager, you can do so on a temporary basis while the medical facility for which you will work continues to search for a permanent hire.

If you are willing and able to use personnel on a temporary basis while you seek to hire full time regular staff, you need to turn to an agency that can help you fill these positions.

If this idea will work for you, please reach out to Moab Healthcare through their website at https://moabhealthcare.com/.

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