What Are The Advantages Of Cycling Classes In Chicago?

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Health

It seems that everyone is focused on burning calories and finding new and exciting ways to do it. Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best things you could do as part of a well-rounded workout routine. Cycling is an excellent option, but may not be possible without the right equipment or during inclement weather. With Chicago classes, you can still bike while being safely inside and more comfortable.


Indoor cycling classes in Chicago use stationary bikes. In the past, they were beat-up things that sometimes didn’t work correctly, but most gyms use state-of-the-art equipment with the best technology possible. For one thing, you can customize the bike to suit your body, lowering the seat and handlebars or making them taller. You can also change the resistance for a more challenging workout.


While it may not seem necessary, teachers are an excellent advantage of taking a class. They will plan the workout from beginning to end. You won’t be required to think up new movements because they’ll be choreographed and set to music to keep you upbeat.

Fitness Levels

One of the best advantages of cycling classes in Chicago is that you can tailor the workout to your particular fitness level. You can make it harder by increasing the resistance, or easier by lowering the tension. Over time, you’ll increase your energy and fitness level, as well as your lower-body strength.

The best part is, you’ll burn a lot of calories and fat. Most newer bikes come with heart rate monitors (HRMs) which tell you what pace you’re going and how fast your heart is beating. Most people can burn upwards of 500 calories per class, depending on how hard they work.

Cycling classes in Chicago are an excellent cardio workout option. Visit Studio Three now to learn more. Visit them online at

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