Types of Doctors for Children

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When it comes to pediatric health care in San Diego, there are several different types of doctors for children.

Children’s Health Doctors
Your child will have to visit a lot of doctors after they are born. Visiting these medical professionals is important as they will be able to guide you about how to take care of your child, answer your queries, diagnose illnesses, and ensure that the child is healthy.

Different Type of Doctors for Children
Here are some of the doctors that you might have to visit with your child:

Pediatrician or Family Physician
You have a choice between choosing a family physician/general practitioner or a pediatrician. Both the professionals will be providing the same services, which include:

  • Physical exams that take place annually
  • Disease care
  • Treatment of common diseases and illnesses
  • Vaccinations

A lot of parents opt for pediatricians when it comes to their child’s health, since they are specialized in treating children. On the other hand, one advantage of choosing a family practitioner is that your child can go to the same doctor their entire life. With a pediatrician, your child will have to switch doctors once they enter their adolescence.

Dentist or Pediatric Dentist
As soon as your child starts teething, it is time to think about visiting a good dentist. According to the American Dental Association, it is recommended that you get your first dental appointment when the child is six months old, and should be visiting the dentist regularly by their first birthday. The visits will usually consist of physical examination and tips about how to take care of the child’s oral hygiene. Early examinations are very important because it helps in ensuring that the child is teething properly without any cavities. A lot of children have uneven teeth, which is why they should be treated by an orthodontist, who will give them braces so that the teeth align properly with the passage of time.

Optometrist or Ophthalmologist
A child’s eyes are examined in the delivery room where the doctors see how the child responds to light. Certain schools also have a visiting doctor who inspects the eyes to check the child’s vision. In case a vision problem is detected, the doctors do a complete screening of the eyes, and try to find out the problem that is affecting the child. As a parent, be on a look out, because if your child squints a lot then they might need glasses.

Other Specialists
There are many other pediatric health care professionals, depending on your child’s health. Children, who have ENT problems, should see an ENT specialist. Similarly, children who have allergies can consult an allergist. You can ask your family physician to refer you to medical professionals as they generally know good doctors who can easily handle children.

Pediatric health care in San Diego is excellent, and with a little research you can find a very good doctor for your child. Find more info.

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