Treat Unbearable Knee Pain with Outpatient Orthopaedic Surgery in Montrose

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Health

On average, a person walks around 3,000 steps each day. While keeping mobile is good for overall health, this much movement can be damaging to your knees. Knee injuries are common in both active athletes and couch potatoes. One of the most common knee injuries is a meniscus tear. Since this type of injury can cause a lot of pain, medical treatment is often sought. Scoping is the least invasive Orthopaedic Surgery in Montrose available to correct a torn meniscus.

The meniscus is a shock-absorbing layer of cartilage that is hidden between the thighbone and shinbone. It protects these bones from direct contact. This disc-like layer, however, is very susceptible to tearing. In fact, meniscus tears are the number one reason for knee pain. Although the actual meniscus cannot feel pain, a tear may press on a nearby nerve. This pain is often felt when putting weight on the knee, such as when standing up from a seated position. It’s very rare for these tears to heal on their own, so most sufferers will seek medical help. They are usually referred to a surgeon to eliminate the pain.

Knee surgery is no longer an invasive surgery. Most meniscus tears can be corrected through a simple Orthopaedic Surgery in Montrose. Arthroscopic surgery, also referred to as scoping, is a minimally-invasive procedure that allows the doctor to repair the torn cartilage. The surgeon will make a few small incisions around the kneecap. A camera is then inserted into one incision site, and miniature surgical tools are inserted through the other openings. While watching on a video monitor, the doctor will either trim or stitch the torn meniscus tissue. This procedure leaves smaller scars, and the recovery time is much faster than traditional knee surgery. Most patients regain full use of their knee after recovery.

Instead of living with unbearable knee pain from a torn meniscus, consider a surgical option to repair the damage. Meet Dr. Chamberland to determine if you are a candidate for arthroscopic surgery. Other injured joints, such as shoulders, elbows, and wrists, may also benefit from this type of treatment. Scoping is a simple outpatient procedure that may help you regain lost mobility.

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