Tips for Getting the Allergy Care You Need

by | Feb 19, 2015 | Health

Allergies can take their toll on your health and make it difficult to participate in life normally. This is especially true when a person is allergic to substances that are difficult or impossible to get away from. When allergies begin to interrupt your normal life, it is time to seek Allergy Care. Through this specialized care, you can learn what substances you are allergic to, receiving the treatment you need to make your symptoms more manageable.

When you first come in for your allergy assessment, you will fill out a health history and provide the doctor with information on the symptoms you suffer with. It is important you provide as much information as possible, since this will assist the allergist in knowing what to test for and how to help you overcome your symptoms.

Allergy testing involves taking a small amount of serum from different substances and scratching them into your skin. This will allow a reaction to be observed with the substances you are allergic to. The severity of the reaction measures how sensitive you are to the substance.

Once the testing period is over, the reactions will be measured to determine what you are allergic to. Once your allergies have been determined, your Allergy Care can begin. Allergy treatment involves different approaches to help patients overcome their symptoms or manage them.

In cases of mild allergy, antihistamines may be used to help manage symptoms. Severe allergies may be require a patient carry around an Epi pen to prevent life-threatening complications.

Allergy shots can also prove beneficial in treating allergies. The doctor can create a special blend of serums from the substances you are allergic to. These serums will be injected weekly and will help to build up your tolerance to the substances so they eventually do not cause major reactions.

If you are experiencing sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy nose and eyes and other allergy symptoms, contact Allergy Asthma & Immunology Relief. They will be happy to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can learn more about your options for treatment. Through allergy treatment, you can overcome your symptoms and improve your health.

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