The Medical Marijuana User’s Quick Guide to Cannabis Varieties

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Medicare

Your local weed dispensary in Gettysburg, Pa, offers a wide selection of cannabis flowers. Faced with exotic names like Krypto’s Kush and Shangrila, you might find it difficult to choose a strain that suits your needs. There are three main varieties of cannabis flowers. Sativa and Indica strains come from cannabis plants that contain a high THC concentration. CBD flowers come from the hemp plant, another species of cannabis that industries have traditionally used to make rope, clothing and paper products.

Sativa Varieties
Herb lovers looking for an energetic and creative cannabis experience often choose Sativa. Patients suffering from depression and fatigue can especially benefit from Sativa varieties. Generally, Sativa contains more THC than Indica strains. Dispensaries sell a dizzying array of cannabis sativa strains, including:

Acapulco Gold

Sour Diesel

Purple Haze

Jack Herer

You can learn more about Sativa at a weed dispensary in Gettysburg, Pa.

Cannabis Indica

Indica strains offer users a relaxing effect. People who are suffering from anxiety, muscle pain and insomnia often benefit from cannabis Indica. Doctors often prescribe Indica strains to patients undergoing chemotherapy who need relief from unpleasant symptoms like nausea and loss of appetite. Kush, Blueberry and Northern Lights are examples of Indica strains. The folks at your favorite weed dispensary in Gettysburg, Pa, can help you select an Indica variety.

CBD Flowers

As mentioned earlier, CBD flowers come from the hemp plant. This species of cannabis contains only tiny amounts of THC. Instead, these plants have a high concentration of CBD also known as cannabidiol. Studies have shown that CBD decreases inflammation, which contributes to arthritis and other painful conditions. Unlike THC, cannibidiol is non-psychoactive. CBD flowers are a good choice for people seeking to treat medical symptoms without the psychoactive properties of THC.

In addition to Sativa, Indica and CBD varieties, hybrid cannabis strains combine genetic traits of all three species of cannabis.

For more information about cannabis varieties, contact Herbology.

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