The Ease of Caring for Replacement Teeth After Implant Dentistry in Branford CT

Implant Dentistry Pasadena CA is generally recommended for teeth replacement when patients can afford the cost. Not all dental insurance policies pay for even some of the cost, and many people have trouble affording a full or partial set of implants. Removable dentures and bridges are other options, but they have certain disadvantages. Some individuals, for instance, are not capable of caring for those devices properly or are not likely to do so.


Some patients have mental or physical disabilities that make caring for dentures and bridges more difficult than caring for implants. They are already used to brushing their teeth regularly and may be able to floss as well. However, having to insert and remove false teeth for cleaning is less convenient and may even be a difficult concept to understand for certain persons.

Mental Disabilities

Parents of children with mental disabilities and adult children of parents with mild or moderate dementia are likely to be the decision makers when it comes to choosing Implant Dentistry in Branford CT instead of removable false teeth. They either know their loved ones can manage basic oral hygiene or are accustomed to having a trusted person take care of this for them. The idea of trying to keep them calm in an entirely new process may feel daunting.

In addition, dementia patients may be prone to losing removable false teeth. They might even become upset about the device and throw it in the trash. Adult children of these patients may feel that there are only two choices: dental implants or no replacement teeth at all.

Physical Disabilities

People with physical disabilities that have not had a negative effect on cognition also benefit from implants placed by a dentist such as Alan P. Friedler. Someone with severe arthritis in the hands, for instance, may have learned to cope by using an electric toothbrush and a special tool for flossing. The same is true for individuals with conditions that cause hand weakness or trembling. Dealing with removable false teeth adds a level of difficulty that may be very bothersome. More information on implants can be viewed at .

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