The Advantages Of Memory Care Centers

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Senior Care

Senior care is not a homogenous entity. It is evolving – moving into different types to address the various needs of certain segments of the senior population. One of the areas of growth is in memory care centers or clubs. They are popping up in places such as Brick NJ and Houston TX. The reason for this is simple. They offer the elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer’s or dementia and their caregiver’s certain advantages.


If you have someone with either Alzheimer’s or dementia, you can wear yourself out taking care of them, making them safe. This can mean long hours inside. Confinement to a single place is not good for a caregiver or their charge. Research indicates this to be counterproductive in many instances. A memory care center can offer an alternative. In fact, such facilities offer several advantages to all concerned parties including:

  • Activities (both mental and physical): Those focusing on seniors managing Alzheimer’s or dementia can help to improve self-esteem. This can also have a positive impact on the cognitive capabilities.
  • Socialization: This can increase a sense of well-being and belonging
  • Trained professionals on site: They are there for emergencies with, usually, limited health-related services
  • A safe and secure facility
  • Respite: The chance for both to enjoy a time-out from each other

Attending such facilities can also be restful. At the end of a busy day, the elderly, and therefore their caretakers, may find an all-night sleep possible.

Memory Care Clubs

All across the United States in large cities and smaller centers, such facilities are finding favor with caregivers. A memory care center or club in Brick NJ can help a caregiver escape the risk of depression swamping his or her life. At the same time, the elderly charge can spend quality time in a safe environment, improving his or her mental, social and physical abilities under the watchful and caring supervision of professionals.

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