Symptoms that Indicate it’s Time to Seek a Foot Specialist in Kenosha, WI

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Healthcare

Foot problems can lead to pain, discomfort, joint stiffness, and decreased mobility. While some foot and ankle disorders can be treated by a primary care doctor, most require the dedicated care of Foot Specialists in Kenosha WI. Read on to find out about a few common symptoms that should be taken as a sign that it’s time for patients to see a podiatrist.

Persistent Swelling or Numbness

It’s not uncommon for feet to become numb or swollen once in a while, but if these symptoms occur regularly or become persistent, it’s time to seek some help. Swelling and numbness can be caused by anything from tendonitis to broken bones, sprains, infections, or even nerve damage. The first step toward treating the symptoms is, of course, to get a detailed diagnosis from a medical specialist, so make an appointment immediately.

Thick Corns and Calluses

Minor corns and calluses are quite normal but, if they are becoming especially thick, there may be a more serious underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Issues with gait or even structural deformities such as bunions and hammertoes can all cause stubborn calluses and corns. These issues require treatment from foot specialists in Kenosha WI, so don’t hesitate to call a specialist.

Pain Walking or Standing

When patients feet begin causing them pain while walking or standing for prolonged periods of time, it can dramatically decrease their ability to perform normal daily functions and get adequate exercise. Often, the underlying cause of this pain is something as simple as fractures or other acute injuries, but without adequate treatment, these simple to solve problems can get increasingly worse. Plus, there’s always the chance that something more serious is to blame, so it’s worth at least scheduling a consultation to find out what’s to blame for all that pain.

Cracked, Bleeding Heels

Persistent dryness can sometimes be addressed with over-the-counter foot creams. However, the longer it is allowed to persist, the more likely it is to cause more serious problems such as excessive bleeding or infections. Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist before these symptoms worsen to avoid developing more serious issues in the future.

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