Surprising Things You will Learn while Attending Cosmetology School

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Health

While you may think that Cosmetology School in Boston is just hair and makeup, the fact is that there is much more to it. In fact, well-rounded and knowledgeable cosmetologists have to have a number of skills in order to be truly successful while working in the beauty industry. Chances are you will be a bit surprised by some of the things that you will learn while attending cosmetology school.


This is not just for students in the medical field. Students attending cosmetology school will have to learn in-depth information about the anatomy of the nails, hair and skin. These portions of the body are extremely complex and responsible for protecting the remainder of the body from damage and irritants. Since cosmetologists will be coming into contact with these parts of a person’s body, it is essential they fully understand its overall construction and any potential issues such as rashes or infections.


Chemistry is all in the cosmetology profession. Conditioners, shampoos, perms, hair relaxers, hair color and a number of other products that will be used on a daily basis all contain different chemicals you have to understand. The chemicals are responsible for changing the texture and the structure of a person’s hair. It is essential that a cosmetologist understands the various chemical reactions that are produced by these products so that they do not accidently cause damage to their client’s scalp or hair.

Business Skills

The majority of cosmetologists are going to be responsible for acquiring their own clients. A quality cosmetology school in Boston will provide you with the skills and knowledge regarding how to market the services you offer and to attract new clients. The majority of salons will also ask you to retail their products in order to increase the revenue, which means that you will have to have basic sales skills, as well.

Communication Skills

While getting your client in the chair is the first step of the process, being a good stylist is much more than just providing a quality color and cut job. You should be able to effectively communicate with your clients in order to make them happy with the results. This means that you have to listen closely to what your client is saying and what they want during the consultation process. This is another skill that will be taught at cosmetology school.

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