Signs Your Loved One May Need Senior Home Care Services in Orland Park

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Home Health Care Service

Home care services are designed to help seniors live independently in their own homes. These services can include anything from light housekeeping and laundry assistance to more complex tasks like providing transportation to doctor’s appointments or helping with medications.

Here are three signs that your loved one may need senior home care services in Orland Park.

1. They’re Having Trouble Taking Care of Themselves

If your loved one is having trouble taking care of themselves, it may be time to consider home care services. This can include things like not being able to bathe or dress properly, not being able to take care of their personal hygiene, or not being able to prepare their own meals.

2. They’re Isolating Themselves

Isolation can be a sign that your loved one is struggling. If they’re not leaving the house or if they’re only spending time with people they know well, it may be time to consider home care services. Home care services can provide companionship and social interaction for your loved one.

3. They’re Forgetting Things

Forgetting things can indicate possible cognitive decline. If your loved one is forgetting to take their medications, pay their bills, or do other tasks that they typically handle, home care services can help.

Whether your loved one needs help with light housekeeping tasks or more complex self-care duties, home care services can provide the assistance they need. If you’re concerned about your loved one’s wellbeing, contact Home & Hearth Caregivers and learn more about the services they offer.

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