Seeking Help for Low Back Pain Treatment in Somerset, NJ

People who have never dealt with ongoing back pain do not have a concept of how this type of discomfort affects every aspect of the day. Even trying to find a comfortable position for sitting can be difficult. Fortunately, the right type of Low Back Pain Treatment Somerset NJ, can help bring relief. Here are a few examples of treatments that will make a difference.

Spinal Manipulation

One of the more common options for Low Back Pain Treatment Somerset NJ, is spinal manipulation. This type of therapy can be conducted by a chiropractor or a medical professional like a physical therapist. The goal of the manipulation is to help reduce inflammation in the lower back and alleviate some of the pressure on the muscles and spine.


For some people, massage therapy will do wonders for recurring pain in the lower back. As with the spinal manipulation, the goal is to soothe muscles that may be inflamed and exerting pressure on the nerves in the lower back.

Exercise Therapy

Depending on the underlying causes for the lower back pain, the physician may recommend what is referred to as exercise therapy. This is a specific regimen of exercises designed to help strengthen the back muscles and alleviate some of the tension carried in the lower back. Typically, exercise therapy is conducted under the watchful eye of a trained physical therapist. Visit the site for more details.


In some instances, the only way to deal with the cause of the lower back pain is surgery. Many physicians recommend this approach only after trying a range of non-invasive methods first. As with every course of treatment, the physician will go over the process and make sure the patient understands the risks as well as the potential for a positive outcome.

For people experiencing any type of back pain, it pays to make an appointment at the University Pain Medicine Center. Doing so will make it possible to identify the cause of that pain and provide insight into which courses of treatment would provide the most benefit to the patient. With time and the right treatment, the pain will go away and the patient can once again face life without dealing with constant pain.


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