Questions About Veterinarian Treatment Of Worms In Your Dog At An Animal Hospital

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Puppies and dogs of all ages are susceptible to getting worms. These parasites can seriously impact the health and well being of canines. If you suspect that your pet has worms, don’t delay in taking your dog to see a veterinarian at a local Animal Hospital. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about the seriousness of worms in your dog.

Q.) How do puppies and dogs get infected with worms?

A.) A puppy can get roundworms and hookworms while nursing if their mother is already infected with the worms. Tapeworms can be passed from one dog to another and dogs can get heartworms if they are bitten by an infected mosquito.

Q.) What are the signs of a worm infestation in dogs?

A.) If your dog or puppy has worms, you may notice that your pet has lost weight, acts lethargic or is constantly scratching. Your dog may also have diarrhea or frequent vomiting. If you notice small white specks in your dog’s stool, this is another sign that your dog has worms. Heartworms can be fatal because they migrate to the heart and lung area of your dog. If your dog has heartworms, you may notice that your pet has trouble breathing.

Q.) How does a veterinarian check for worms in dogs and puppies?

A.) Your veterinarian will need a stool sample from your dog to check for the presence of worms. If your vet suspects heartworms, blood will be taken from your dog and tested too.

Q.) How does a veterinarian treat a dog for worms?

A.) After a positive diagnosis of worms, a vet will treat your dog with worm medicine to kill the worms. If your dog has heartworms, in addition to worm medication, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine may also be given. In extreme cases of heartworm infestation, the veterinarian at the Animal Hospital may recommend a hospital stay for your dog.

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