Protect Your Four-Legged Friend from Deadly Diseases with Vaccinations in Durham

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Health

It’s surprising how many dog owners ask themselves the question, “should I get my pet vaccinated?” and how few know the answer. If you are wondering whether vaccinations in Durham are necessary, the answer is “yes”. Aside from being micro-chipped, insured and neutered, vaccinations are important because they shield the animal from diseases that could result in death if left untreated. Although there are many preventive treatments for worms and fleas, the following diseases are much more serious and may be fatal unless you get peace of mind with professional assistance.


The real danger associated with Leptospirosis is that this disease can be spread to humans, as well as animals. Rather contagious, it affects the body’s organs in different ways. The effects will vary, depending on the type of Leptospirosis. Some common symptoms that can be avoided with vaccinations in Durham include bloody stools, sickness, fatigue, a high temperature and thirst. Seeking attention from an experienced vet is vital, because Leptospirosis is potentially fatal when it isn’t dealt with in a timely manner.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis

If your pet contracts this disease, he or she will suffer with sickness, a high temperature and in most cases, diarrhoea. The easiest way to determine whether or not your pet is dealing with Infectious Canine Hepatitis is by lifting up his or her lips to examine the gums. Do they appear pale or discoloured? If so, seek help from vets, so that the appropriate vaccinations in Durham can be given. When preparing for your visit to the local veterinary facility, lower stress levels by investing in one of the tried and tested collars or sprays for animals. It’s also advisable to travel on an empty stomach, as travel sickness can worsen the symptoms of Infectious Canine Hepatitis.


Parvo is also known as parvovirus or Canine parvovirus. A viral disease, it is usually very life-threatening and will target cells within a dog’s body. Once targeted, these cells will break down and the intestinal tract will be affected. A trip to the local vet will be extremely worthwhile for your pet, because cardiac problems may persist for the animal’s entire life otherwise. Dehydration, lethargy and a loss of appetite are three signs that veterinary care is required.

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