Older First Time Mothers Seek IVF Treatments for Pregnancy in Oakland, CA

It’s a fact. Many women are waiting until they are much older to become first-time moms. While there is nothing wrong with that, many women run the risk of fertility issues because fertility begins to wan after age 30. If you are a first-time mom and you are looking to have a baby later in life, IVF pregnancy from Oakland, CA clinics can help.

Be Prepared for a Long Process

Pregnancy via IVF has been a go-to experience for many women experiencing pregnancy or fertility issues. However, you should expect the process to take some time. While it can be the answer to all of your baby’s desires, it can take up to five years to get pregnant.

The first step requires regular injections of hormones to produce a large sum of eggs. The eggs are then harvested and taken to a lab where the viable eggs are sorted from the unviable ones. Once fertilized, you can choose to implant the eggs back into your own uterus or into a surrogate. If the eggs “take”, pregnancy occurs, but every embryo has to be monitored carefully going forward.

Choosing to Carry Multiple Embryos to Term

Another thing to consider is that most doctors will not implant more than four fertilized eggs or four embryos at any one time. The health of the embryos and the mother is a major concern, especially if all the embryos implant and begin growing into healthy fetuses. To find out more about IVF pregnancy by Oakland, CA fertility specialists, contact Laurel Fertility Care- Oakland via www.laurelfertility.com.

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