Not To Be Confused With The Other: The Hairdresser and the Hair Stylist

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Salons and Spas

Hairdresser and hair stylist – they’re the same! Right?

It may surprise many to know that the hairdresser and the hair stylist perform different roles. While their roles do sometimes overlap, it’s important to understand the differences between the two roles when making an appointment at a higher-end hair salon in Jacksonville, FL.

At salons where both a hairdresser and a hair stylist are employed, the hair styling process is divided into two parts, with the first part completed by the hairdresser and the stylist stepping in to complete the second half.

The Hairdresser

The hairdresser is typically the person washing, cutting hair, coloring, and applying hair treatments. Hairdressers in these salons are primarily responsible for making sure the base hair is ready and properly treated for the hair stylist to execute the design and apply the finishing touches, almost like a construction contractor building a solid foundation to support an architect’s vision.

The Hair Stylist

The hair stylist in a Jacksonville, FL hair salon is responsible for applying styling products, doing touch-ups, and blow-drying hair. For clients who need a complete wash and cut, the hair stylist will work with the hairdresser to make sure that the base cut and treatments are going in the right direction and that everything is completed with the vision in mind. A hair stylist needs to possess technical proficiency, have a high attention to detail and creativity. Since many hair stylists start out as hairdressers, some hair stylists may choose to do the hairdressing part as well instead of leaving it with a dedicated hairdresser. There are also some hairdressers who will style hair as well.

Ultimately choosing a hair stylist or hairdresser, or both, at a hair salon in Jacksonville, FL is completely up to the needs of the client. Understanding the differences and possibly consulting with the hair salon staff may also help determine the kind of appointment needed.

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