New Options for Pain Management in Jacksonville

For many years now, there have two been standard ways of dealing with chronic pain- medications and surgery. Many in the health care field today still rely on only those two methods for dealing with chronic pain that their patients are experiencing. They prescribe medications and when those stop working, and the pain gets too bad they move on to surgery. There are better ways to deal with pain management in Jacksonville and the surrounding area and here at Riverside Pain Physicians, we specialize in non-invasive treatments for a range of chronic pain conditions.

Dangers of Medications

Medications can be good and they often are necessary to some degree to help dal with chronic pain. The danger comes when they are taken too often, in too high a dose, or in the wrong manner. Also, many medications have side effects that can be just as damaging and even deadly as the condition that is causing the pain in the first place! This is why we view pain medication as a tool and a piece of the puzzle, but it is not the end all solution to dealing with pain.

Dangers of Surgery

Surgery is at times necessary to fully and completely deal with an injury or damage that has been caused by an illness or disease. But there are risks involved with surgery that many people do not consider before taking that step. With any surgery there is a risk for infection, bleed out, and side effects from the anesthesia. Major surgery for things like hips, knees, and shoulders carry more risk for failed procedures and continuing or even worsening pain.

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