Modern and Alternative Medicine Available at an Animal Hospital Leawood KS

Animal hospitals today include many more services besides traditional surgery, radiology, emergency care and internal medicine for your pet. Your pet, mostly cats and dogs, can receive alternative medicine as well. Alternative medicine includes procedures to help with chronic ear infections, surgical pain and arthritis. Therapy laser treatments are a drug free, surgery free and pain free way to treat chronic conditions and everyday issues such as ear infections. Acupuncture works well for post surgical pain. Arthritis pain can be minimized and sometimes controlled altogether for up to 6 months by a platelet-rich plasma infusion treatment. Treatments are performed by licensed veterinarians that specialize in alternative medicine treatments.

You can also get wellness care at hospitals including the Animal hospital Leawood KS. Wellness includes routine exams, screenings and vaccines, among other services. Most places offer payment plans so care can fit easily into your budget. A pharmacy is usually on site for convenience and dietary consultations are also available. It is important to let your vet educate you about feeding animals and routine care to keep them healthy and active. It is easy to over feed your cat or dog, resulting in obesity. That turns into many more problems for your pet. Click here for more details about the best animal hospitals in Leawood, KS.

Dental care is important for your cat or dog and cleaning teeth improves much more than his/her breath. Clean teeth improves the functioning of vital organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver. It is recommended your pet get a complete dental cleaning at least twice a year. February is Pet Dental Health Month so it is a good time to schedule that appointment for a cleaning. Routine grooming is also important as it keeps your pet clean and free from knotting and matting of fur. Grooming should be done usually 3-4 times a year and may be recommended more frequently depending on the type of pet you have. can provide you with information regarding a dental health and grooming schedule for your pet.

When seeking medical attention for your pet, check to see if any discounts are offered. The Animal hospital Leawood KS, for example, offers discounts to senior citizens, local area rescue groups and Johnson County Community College students and staff. Each place usually has discounts of one type or another, so ask before you set up an appointment.




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