Maintaining Your Cool While Having a Scan at an Open MRI Center

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Healthcare

When you need a scan of areas of your body, your doctor might schedule you for an MRI. This is a scan that can detect various issues that are occurring in your body that an X-ray or other tests might not be able to detect, such as blood vessels that are leaking or tumors. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when going to an open MRI center that can help ease your anxiety and feelings of claustrophobia that you might have.


Try to learn as much as possible about an MRI and why it’s performed before you go to the center. A benefit of an open design is that you’re not going to be inside an enclosed tube while the scan is performed. Take a tour of the facility so that you can view the machine and talk to the technicians who will perform the scan before your appointment.


While you’re at the open MRI center, you can talk to the technician during the scan. This can make some people feel comfortable throughout the process. The technician will usually offer instructions for how you need to move and when you need to inhale and exhale in order to get the best images.


Another benefit of an open design is that someone can sit with you in the room. If you have children who need an MRI, then you can sit with them during the scan as well. This makes the MRI similar to a doctor’s appointment instead of a scan with large pieces of equipment.

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