Lose the “Ouch!”

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Health

“What did I do?” you wonder. “That really hurts!”

Maybe your shoulder was a little stiff this morning, or a little tender once after an afternoon swim, but nothing like the pain that makes you break a sweat, double over and hold your shoulder. The thing is, it’s hard to pinpoint a cause unless you see a doctor for an evaluation and shoulder pain treatment. Now, most painful shoulders come from the same handful of causes.

  • Inflammation: Bursitis or tendinitis. These can be caused either by motion(use) injuries or by impingement of the acromion of the scapula.

  • Tendon tears: Rotator cuff tears or biceps tendon tearing at shoulder.

  • Instability: Either subluxation or complete dissociation of the “ball” of the shoulder, either through trauma or use injury. Some sufferers may also have loose ligaments that do not hold the shoulder in place, and are sometimes called “double jointed.”

  • Arthritis: There are a number of types of arthritis that can affect the shoulder. More commonly, it’s osteoarthritis – meaning age-related wear and tear. Other types of arthritis are rheumatoid, post-traumatic and rotator cuff tear arthopathy. Uncommonly, there is an arthritis called avascular necrosis, caused by in interruption of blood supply that can kill bone cells.

  • Fracture: Fractures of the collar bone, upper arm bone, and shoulder blade can disrupt the motion of the shoulder and cause pain even after injuries have healed.

Depending on your type of shoulder issue, you may want to look into stem cell regenerative therapy in Las Vegas NV. Stem cell therapy uses the body’s stem cells to regenerate and repair damage to the body in a way that drugs and surgery can’t. Speak with doctors experienced in treating shoulder pain with stem cells, and lost the “Ouch!” that’s stopping you from fully enjoying life.

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