Is an Addiction Recovery Coach Right for You?

by | May 5, 2015 | Health

Lately, a new kind of substance-abuse program has been emerging. As many of those suffering from addiction can attest, not all programs fit all addicts. These sufferers feel discouraged, ignored, and disrespected by treatment centers or plans that don’t meet their needs. What else do they have to do? Aren’t 12-step programs and rehabilitation facilities the only options? No, they’re not. A dedicated addiction recovery coach can make the difference that helps someone overcome his or her struggles.

These professionals are individuals who have undergone intense training so they’re well-qualified to guide a client on the road to recovery. Many people are closer to being a professional than they realize. The options for personalized, attentive, plan-based care might be closer than you think. To decide whether this is something that might be right for you, you should educate yourself on the issues.

What Is an Addiction Recovery Coach?

A coach uses a combination of psychology, neurology, and other sciences to help an addict recover and stay clean. These coaches help the patient manage his or her emotions, attend meetings, re-adjust to life, and fill out job applications. An ideal coach is a professionally-trained individual who has been through a certification program to ensure that he or she is well-versed in all the tools and techniques necessary to usher you into sober living. These individuals are specialized in their field, and their sole purpose is to aid in recovery from addiction through encouragement, accountability, support, and experience.

What Does a Coach Do?

A coach, depending on the needs of the addict, will help the patient fill out job applications and even handle everyday activities. Re-adjusting to life can be difficult after addiction. Simple tasks such as routine car maintenance, visits to the bank, going to work, and finding leisure time can be difficult and energy-draining. This is where a coach becomes helpful. Having someone help manage responsibilities can be a difference-maker when it comes to recovery. Sometimes, creating a plan can be the key to a successful transition to healthy living and a coach can help accomplish that.

How Much Do Coaches Cost?

While the most important consideration when choosing an addiction recovery coach should be how well the patient works with the guide. Building a rapport and a personal relationship are key. However, the truth of finances is inescapable. Most services offer various packages which consist of over-the-phone consultations, skype, and in-person. Over-the-phone or Skype guidance can cost around $100 per one-hour session. In-person sessions tend to be more expensive. However, these prices are oftentimes much less than the high price of a drug addiction. For example, a DUI offense can cost over $5,000 in court costs, license reinstatement fees, fines, and rehabilitation.

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