How To Prepare Your Pet For A Visit To An Animal Hospital In Chicago

While some animals have no issues going to visit the vet, others experience anxiety or other behavioral difficulties when brought to animal hospitals. This extra stress can make the visit worse for you, the owner, and can make it harder for the vet to examine your furry friend. Visits to your local veterinary clinic are an important part of your pet’s overall health and are unavoidable. In order to make the trip as stress-free as possible, for everyone involved, here are a few tips on how to prepare your pet for a visit to an animal hospital in Chicago.

Remain Calm

Animals will pick up on the mood and attitude of their owners, especially if you’ve had your pet for a long time. If you are nervous or anxious about their appointment, chances are your pet will be nervous or anxious as well. Remaining as calm as possible, faking it if necessary, will go a long to helping your pet feel as little anxiety as possible about the trip. Put on a fake smile, and try and use a cheerful, upbeat tone as well.

Get Your Pet Used To The Carrier

Even when you aren’t planning a trip to the animal hospital, leave your pet’s carrier or leash out in a visible spot to help him or her get used to it. Avoid using the carrier just to bring him or her to the animal hospital and back – your pet will start to associate the carrier with a vet visit and it will increase their anxiety level each time they are in the carrier. If you use it for a variety of purposes and in a variety of situations, it will help your pet stay calm while en route to the animal hospital.

Bring A Favorite Toy Or Treat

Animals are comforted by familiar and favorite objects, much the same way humans are. Bring your pet’s favorite toy or treats that he or she loves in order to comfort them while you are in the waiting room and throughout the duration of the vet’s exam.

For more tips on preparing your vet for his or her visit to an animal hospital in Chicago, contact Metropolitan Veterinary Center at website.

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