Getting Help: Alcohol Rehab in Pretoria

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Healthcare

Alcoholism is a growing problem in Pretoria. Many people are unaware of their problems with alcoholism until they have developed a deep dependence on alcohol and ruined their familial relationships and their lives. Understanding the seriousness of alcoholism, recognizing warning signs, and getting treatment are all important steps in making sure that alcoholism does not continue to destroy families and communities.

Disease Prevalence
Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, is typically a chronic and progressive disease. Individuals with alcohol dependence consume a large number of alcoholic beverages throughout the day, on most days. The amount of alcohol needed to become intoxicated increases over time as individuals with alcoholism become tolerant. Without alcoholic beverages, these individuals tend to exhibit withdrawal symptoms. The consumption of alcohol continues despite its problems, creating significant difficulties and functional issues in their lives.

The prevalence of alcoholism is quite high particularly in Pretoria. Pretoria has high rates of alcohol abuse and binge drinking which are both risk factors for developing alcohol dependence. Pretoria’s drinking culture makes it more difficult for many to recognize the warning signs of the disease.

Recognition and Awareness
Given the popularity and acceptance of alcohol abuse and binge drinking in Pretoria, warning signs are often ignored. While alcohol abuse and binge drinking are not necessarily as severe as alcoholism, they still may warrant treatment and intervention since they can be dangerous. Individuals who consume unhealthy levels of alcohol are placing themselves at risk for alcoholism and dangerous accidents associated with being intoxicated. Alcohol rehab in Pretoria can be recommended for individuals who do not yet have alcoholism but continue to engage in unhealthy drinking patterns.

People with alcoholism tend to have a disregard for the consequences their drinking has on their families and their lives. Despite a continual decline in their functioning, they continue to crave and consume alcohol and experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop independently.

Treatment and Intervention
Alcoholism warrants alcohol rehab and treatment interventions. The same is also true for significantly impairing forms of alcohol abuse and binge drinking. The only fully licensed continuum of care in South Africa is Harmony Addictions Clinic serving Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria & Centurion! It is 24/7 available!

Attending a licensed treatment center is the most effective way to get help with alcoholism and related drinking problems. Licensed centers know exactly what is needed to help individuals successfully go through the detox process. They also know how to provide evidenced based interventions that are effective long after treatment has ended. The process to recovery may be long but with a licensed alcohol rehab center, individuals get the support they need to get their lives back.

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