Food As Mind, Body and Spirit Medicine for Memory Care Residents

by | May 31, 2022 | Assisted Living Facility

For people of all ages and lifestyles, food is for joy and celebration as much as it is for vital nutrients. It is even more important to keep these traditions for seniors who need memory care and other full-time residential supports.

Purposeful Preparation

A well-balanced diet assists the body’s systems to operate at peak performances. Calories give energy and fuel to the body, but the communal dining experience boosts mental faculties. Families who desire well-appointed Memory Care Shawnee KS, will appreciate chef-prepared meals in restaurant-style dining.

Nutritionists work with culinary specialists on gourmet cuisine designed to stimulate palates, memories, and zest for life. Textures, flavors, and colors matter on every plate. Fresh fruits and vegetables accompany quality proteins, and incredible desserts, to supply tasty sustenance to residents.

Community Dining

Seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss live in a new reality. However, even without past recollections intact, they are connected to the present moments.

Neighborhood dining rooms are one of the more exceptional amenities of upscale facilities of Memory Care Shawnee KS. These opportunities to engage, converse and laugh inspire residents. Socializing fosters high spirits, with healthy heart rates and restful sleep among their many beneficial outcomes.

Appetizing Medicine

Food will supply essential vitamins and nutrients to hold memory levels stable or preserve them longer. Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and even herbal tea are among foods known for brain-boosting powers.

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