Find Comfort With the Help of a Palliative Care Nurse

Being seriously ill can be difficult for both the patient and the caregivers. In many instances, family and friends may need experienced help to provide care and comfort for an ailing loved one. A Palliative Care Nurse is a trained professional who assists with the treatment and care of a terminally ill patient. The nurse works closely with the patient’s doctors to keep the pain level to a minimum. The nurse also works with other nurses, chaplains, social workers, therapists and trained volunteers to provide counselling, information and a support network for the family and friends who are devastated by the thought of losing their loved one. This health care professional often develops a close bond with the patient, offering them the gift of friendship and a caring heart when it’s needed the most.

Serenity Hospice & Palliative Care strives to give each patient the highest quality of life during an ongoing illness. Currently they offer services in Sun City West and the surrounding parts of Phoenix, AZ. Patient care can be provided at one of their in-patient hospice facilities, or through home health care visits. The goal is to eliminate pain and any symptoms that are causing the patient distress. Many services are offered, including medication management, personal bathing and grooming, help with medical equipment and much more. For many patients, just having a friendly face checking in on them can make a world of difference in a day.

Having a support network is important when faced with the prospect of losing someone close to you. A Palliative Care Nurse can be the person that helps you find that support. By providing the means to make a patient comfortable throughout his ordeal, everyone involved will be at peace, knowing that the very best care has been provided. Emotional and spiritual support can make a huge difference in a terminally ill patient’s life. The feeling of not being alone can console a frightened patient and make his condition more manageable.

Hospice care focuses on helping the patient to live with dignity throughout his ordeal. A caring nurse can assist the family with their emotional needs and help them to cope with the transition. An emphasis is put on the quality of life that the patient experiences up to the end. Having someone familiar with the process can greatly comfort the patient and his loved ones during this sensitive time.

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