Extending Our Limitations with Chiropractic Care

Back when I was indestructible, we had a particularly heavy snowstorm that buried us in more than 12” of the white fluffy stuff. Young and eager to impress my parents, I quickly hopped up to tackle the task of shoveling out the driveway. We didn’t have a snow blower for the same reason we didn’t have a dishwasher: according to my parents, “that’s why we have children.” Even though I hated doing dishes, shoveling was fun. Or so I thought. Halfway through, I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew. But, eternally stubborn, I continued. When the job was complete, my parents were happy, I got hot chocolate, and the world was good.

Until the next morning. The soreness radiated through parts of my 13-year-old frame that I had previously been unaware of. Each stab was like a clumsily—or even angrily–placed acupuncture needle. I was doubled over, defeated.

Like it does for many of us, shoveling revealed my mortality. There’s a fragility we are all victims of that requires our attention and respect. One way we can accommodate our physical limitations without giving them the power to eclipse our lives is through adequate chiropractic care.

What does this involve? We can think of our spinal system as the central hub of our physical beings. Physically speaking, it’s as crucial as the engine in a car. It keeps us moving. And, like a car’s engine, we need to maintain it. This cannot be done in a casual, half-hearted fashion. We have to be diligent and thoughtful, cultivating mindfulness around our chiropractic care. And, like maintaining a car, we have to be conscientious regarding how often we go to the chiropractor, especially in Minnesota. It cannot be something left to chance. We have to be proactive. A chiropractor in Minneapolis, MN can be an essential part of your self-care regime. You need to have a strong body to be able to take advantage of all the outdoor activities in Minneapolis like hiking and fishing.  Whether you are at Boom Island or Mill Ruins Park or bouncing yourself around Sky Zone, your body is going to need to be fit and ready to get the most out of it.

So even though I’m no longer indestructible, I can still toss a shovel full of snow over the shoulder every now and again. And when things get painful, I can always get the chiropractic care I need to push on. Vibrant Life Center in Edina and Oakdale can be your solution, too.

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