Does Your Relationship Need Couple Therapy?

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Healthcare Management

Couples therapy is something some people approach as a last effort to save a relationship. In reality, it can be used as a tool even when the relationship is in a good place.  But, if you feel like there are issues preventing you and your partner from communicating, it could be an excellent route to take.

Many recommend therapy for couples prior to marriage, prior to having children, and / or when a couple is undergoing major changes in their life, their career, the dynamic of their relationship.

Get Help Communicating with Your Partner
Life, stress, outside influences, and inner turmoil can all take a toil on a relationship and sometimes, one or both people in that relationship either take it out on one another or stop communicating.

If you and your partner are having difficulties in your relationship, if you feel like there is an expanding distance between you, and / or there are fundamental issues that you would like help with, couples therapy could be a good option. It doesn’t mean that your relationship is in a ‘do or die’ scenario. It simply means that you are looking for assistance.

Therapy can offer a great forum to be productive. And your therapist or counselor is trained in facilitating discussions in a productive way that allows both people to speak, both to freely share ideas, and to help both people uncover ways to improve communication and / or problem-solve, together.

Whether you want couples counseling, individual counseling, or are considering both options so that you can work on your relationship as well as on yourself individually, it’s advantageous to find local counseling solutions. It’s a sign that you are motivated to improve the dynamics of your relationship.

Navesink Wellness Center offers couples therapy in Rumson, New Jersey and would be pleased to talk to you.

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