Do You Need a Stent Procedure in Mansfield, TX

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Health

The development of the stent procedure in Mansfield, TX, has made it possible to help keep the flow of blood to your heart more consistent and reliable. This tiny but important health aid is used to prevent the re-narrowing of the artery or restenosis once the obstruction in the artery has been cleared.

What Is a Stent?

An arterial stent is a small wire mesh that is placed in an artery just after an angioplasty procedure is completed to open a blocked artery. The stent is on the outside of the balloon that opens the artery. When the balloon is deflated, the stent is in place and continues to keep the artery open for four to five years on average.

How Often Are Stents Used?

A stent procedure in Mansfield, TX, for patients who undergo angioplasty, is close to 100 percent today. It’s used to make sure the artery remains open so the flow of blood to the heart continues unabated.

What Is Done to Prevent Rejection?

Your body was created to reject any foreign object that enters it. This is your natural immune response. To help reduce the chance of a stent being seen as a foreign object, it’s first coated with medicine. This helps prevent the formation of scar tissue so the stent won’t be identified as a foreign object. This type of stent is called a drug-eluted stent.

During your recovery period, your physician will prescribe an antiplatelet to take. This continues to inhibit the formation of blood clotting at the stent so the flow of blood will continue to reach your heart unabated.

If you want more information on this life-saving procedure, the physicians at Total Vascular Wellness Center will be happy to provide it for you.

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