Debunking Three Common Yet Harmful Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Health

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common medical condition. Despite its prevalence, a vast majority of men feel embarrassed when it comes to discussing erectile dysfunction and its effect on their life. Due to its stigma, there are many harmful myths about erectile dysfunction and the people it affects. Here are some of those myths debunked so that we can all better understand this common medical concern.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is the Fault of the Sufferer

Many people erroneously believe that if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, then it means that he did something to cause the condition to occur. While some will allege that diet or lifestyle is to blame, the truth is that erectile dysfunction is not the fault of the sufferer. It’s a condition that randomly affects men and isn’t something anyone should blame themselves for having.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction Is the Fault of the Partner

Equally as harmful to the aforementioned myth is the idea that erectile dysfunction is the result of the sufferer not being attracted to his partner. This is patently false. Partners of erectile dysfunction sufferers should never blame themselves for their loved one’s condition.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction Can Only Be Solved With Medicine or Surgery

Thanks to rapid advancements in medical technology, there are no many options beyond medicine and surgery for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. For example, there is a type of erectile dysfunction therapy in Laguna Beach, CA, which uses low-intensity shockwaves to restore erectile health without the need for pills or an invasive surgical procedure.

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, don’t allow any of these pernicious myths to affect your life negatively. If you’re looking for erectile dysfunction therapy in Laguna Beach, CA, visit our website and learn about how the LaSara Medical Group might be able to help you overcome this condition safely and effectively.

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