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by | Aug 28, 2015 | Health

People who get Epidural Steroid Injections Norman are typically those who are seeking a minimally invasive way to combat back pain. Often, the back pain is caused by issues with the nerves in the spinal column, with inflammation being the most common culprit. Sometimes, the pain from spinal column nerves can actually impact the neck, arms, and the legs. Pain in any of these areas is generally resolved with the use of Epidural Steroid Injections Norman.

The most common reasons for seeking this type of epidural injections may be pain, but the lack of functionality is often very significant as well. People who are not able to do their job or even enjoy their life effectively can often benefit from epidural injections for a significant period of time. The pain relief usually lasts for at least a few weeks, and may last for a couple of years in some cases. Most patients can expect to enjoy pain relief for a minimum of a couple of months on average.

The injection consists of a couple of different things that are designed to promote the ultimate comfort of the patient. The main ingredient is a corticosteroid. This corticosteroid is usually either triamcinolone or betamethasone. Another ingredient is the anesthetic, which is typically either lidocaine or something else in that family of anesthetics. The drugs are completely mixed and then measured in the exact ratio that is appropriate for the patient’s weight and condition. Visit here to find out more.

Epidural steroid injections are given in a doctor’s office, usually with the patient laying comfortably on their stomach. The injection is placed directly into the spine, precisely in the epidural spot. This area of the lower back is easy to access precisely for the doctor as long as the patient is relaxed and still during the entire procedure. The injection takes only a few minutes and the effects may begin to show very rapidly. Patients will usually relax for a few minutes after the procedure, and they can generally go about their normal day afterwards. If you want to find out more about Epidural Steroid Injections Norman, check out the website for Longevity Joint Spine Pain today.

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