Advantages of Home Health Care in Philadelphia PA

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Home health care in Philadelphia PA provides health care right at your home. It is usually less expensive and much more convenient than an assisted facility. The quality and skill of the home health care is as effective as the care provided by a hospital or a qualified nursing facility. It has the added benefit of the patient feeling more comfortable in familiar surroundings which helps in faster recovery.

What Is Home Health Care In Philadelphia PA

Home health care can include full time or part time care, or event intermittent nursing care, physical or speech therapy, occupational therapy or medical social services or even assistance from a health aide. The end goal of home health services is to treat and recuperate a patient from an injury or illness and enable the patient to become self sufficient or stay independent.

The following are some of the examples of home health care services:

  • Speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy
  • Education services for the patient and the caregiver
  • Injections and other medications
  • Care of the wound from a surgery or pressure sores
  • Tracking and monitoring unstable health

A health aide can further assist with daily activities like personal grooming, bathing, dressing or transportation. He or she can also help with housekeeping, cooking and laundry.

What To Expect From Home Health Care In Philadelphia PA

After the referral from the doctor, you will be contacted by the home health care services in Philadelphia PA to schedule an appointment with you and your loved one for an interview. This is a good opportunity to discuss your needs, requirements and expectations and meet the staff. Home health care services will also keep your health care provided updated with your progress and status. Once the health care starts the frequency of the visit should be the same as ordered by the doctor.

During their visit you can expect the health care staff to check your loved ones temperature, blood pressure, heart rate. They will check on their nutritional routine and make sure that they are taking the required prescription medicine. They will ensure your loved ones safety in their home and recommend any modifications required to make their movement easier or safer. They will work with your physician to devise a care plan based on your loved ones condition.

What Kind Of Treatment Plan Is Created By Home Health Care In Philadelphia PA

One of the main responsibilities of home health care services is to keep your doctor updated with your progress, create a treatment plan with your doctor and modify it as needed. This plan is reviewed frequently to ensure that it suffices the latest requirements. The treatment plan typically includes the services that you will need, the skill set required from the health care professionals for the required services, the frequency of the services, any special medical equipment if required, and the expected results from these services.

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