Accidents Happen: Get Help with Animal Emergency Services in Barnegat, NJ

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Pet care

There are many times that a pet gets into something dangerous or gets hurt playing. These things can happen at any time of the day. The regular veterinary office may be closed when you need emergency care. Ingestion of a poisonous substance or a large cut cannot wait until morning, however. A vet office that is open during the off hours can save your pet’s life.


Dogs are a lot like kids. They like to play roughly sometimes. This can often result in various types of injuries. Dogs that are running in the house may knock over a lamp and cut themselves, or they may break a window. Dogs often get into fights with other dogs, as well. Deep wounds need immediate care, and they often must be stitched up. These things can be done at animal emergency services in Barnegat, NJ. Even cats can come back from playtime outside with a cut or two. If a cut involves an animal bite, a lot of bleeding, or if your animal is disoriented, seek animal emergency services immediately.

Ingested Items

Dogs are also notorious for eating things they should not. Cats and dogs can both be guilty of getting into the trash can. There are also many plants and foods that are poisonous to animals. If you notice that your animal has become lethargic, is vomiting, or is having seizures, it could be due to ingesting a poison. Take them to the nearest animal emergency services location. An experienced veterinarian can often put a stop to the results of the poison. If you see your dog ingest a dangerous plant or toxic food, you should take action quickly. You can often prevent further damage if you get help before digestion takes place. Get more information on how your pet can be taken care of.

Pets are a big part of family life in many countries across the globe. It can be heartbreaking to see beloved pets suffering due to an injury or a poisonous item. Take the time to find the name of an emergency center near you, just In case you need it.

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