5 Ways to Beat the Cost of Assisted Living

by | May 18, 2017 | Senior Care

Assisted living facilities in Jacksonville provide good value for seniors, as well as access to a strong and supportive community. However, the initial costs of assisted living facilities in Jacksonville can seem daunting. Here are a few tips to beat the cost of assisted living in Jacksonville.

  1. Share a Room. The cost of assisted living in Jacksonville will be significantly lower in a shared room. Although daunting at first, sharing a room with a stranger does offer tremendous benefits to newcomers to assisted living facilities including improved safety and psychological wellbeing, and the potential to form meaningful lifelong friendships.
  2. Improve Your Insurance Plan. Insurance is unlikely to pay for assisted living costs, but some long-term health insurance plans do cover some of the medical and custodial expenses that can be incurred in an assisted living facility. If your insurance plan does not offer additional long-term benefits, consider switching providers.
  3. Communicate Openly. Many seniors are afraid to consult with their family members and express need honestly and openly. Having difficult discussions with family members can be psychologically healing and can liberate funds from family members who do not voluntarily part with their money. Sometimes a little coaxing is all they need. Proving to family members that assisted living is a good investment can help you beat the cost of assisted living.
  4. Research the Options. Not only should there be different assisted living options suitable for you, but also different assisted living pricing plans within each facility. Consider moving to a different state or area, not just to beat the cost of assisted living but also to enjoy a change of weather and scenery.
  5. Bargain. Most facilities will be willing to negotiate with you on certain aspects of their assisted living services. It never hurts to ask for price reductions or to negotiate for better services within the same price point.

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