3 Signs That Your Child May Need Therapy in Hutchinson KS

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Health

Despite the millions of parenting books that crowd the shelves annually, there really isn’t a perfect manual for raising children. Even the best parent in the world may require outside help with a troubled or traumatized child. So when is it time to honestly get professional help for your child? When observing the behavior of your child consider these signs to determine if it’s time to look for therapy in Hutchinson KS.

Anger and Frustration

Children of all ages typically turn to anger when feelings of helplessness arise. Anger is considered to be one of the easiest emotions to express when a child is crying out for help because it does not reflect weakness to the outside world, but still alerts the parents and adults in their lives that something is not quite right with that child. So if your child is displaying excessive anger and frustration it may be time to research a therapist that specializes in Adult Child And Family Counseling.

Communication issues

Some children are innately quiet and find it hard to be social with others, but there are cases where children will isolate themselves as a means of coping.

If your child seems especially withdrawn or distant in social situations, it may be a sign that there is something wrong, thus time to seek therapy in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Major changes in his/her behavior

Children are constantly growing and so are their personalities, but major changes in a child’s behavior are often signs that that something is wrong. If a child that is typically very calm becomes angry and flippant that should cause alarm or even a child that is very social becoming quiet may require some attention. In some cases, parents will justify major mood swings as being the typical teenage rebellion or a sign of maturing when in actuality the child is in desperate need of professional help.

Of course, there are other things to consider in conjunction with these signs, but use these as a starting point when observing your child. Communication is key when trying to help your child cope. Every child is different and when seeking  therapy in Hutchinson KS keep in mind the qualifications of the therapist and make sure that your child feels safe before committing to a therapist.

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