3 Excellent Reasons to See a Podiatrist on Chicago South Side

If it has to do with your feet and ankles, there are times when help from a specialist is the best way to go. How do you know that the time has come to see a podiatrist on Chicago South Side? If any of the following applies in your case, the time has arrived to make an appointment.

Do you notice that your feet are sore, and your ankles are somewhat swollen at the end of the day? There may be an organic issue, or it could be the type of shoes you wear each day don’t offer the type of support that’s needed. After an examination, the podiatrist can determine if there’s a condition to treat, or if you need guidelines for selecting new shoes or inserts for the footwear that you already own.

Another reason to see a podiatrist is if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Both conditions can eventually lead to what are known as ghost pains in the extremities, along with a loss of sensation known as diabetic neuropathy. While the podiatrist cannot restore any lost sensation, there are options that would help the discomfort to fade.

Do you have painful calluses, corns, or spurs in the heels? If so, there are treatments that a podiatrist on Chicago South Side can use to eliminate the problems. At the same time, the professional can check for any contributing factors that led to the development of those problems. With a little luck, those causes can be eliminated.

If there are any issues with the feet or ankles, don’t consider them something that you just have to learn to live with. See a podiatrist as soon as you can. Treating the problem may be simpler than you think.

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