Why You Should Consider Trigger Point Injections in Arlington TX

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Healthcare

If you are experiencing some form of muscle pain, you may want to try trigger point injections in Arlington TX as a form of treatment. You can talk to your doctor about whether you are a good candidate for this. The procedure involves injecting the muscle in areas where it is severely tightened and is a form of chiropractic care. There are some benefits to this type of treatment.

Top Benefits of the Treatment

This type of treatment is often done when a patient suffers from issues like back or sports injuries and severe muscle pain. The injection offers relief because of where and how it is directed. It can also be used to administer medication directly into the trigger points. This form of treatment has been thought to overlap with acupuncture because of the similarities in how it is performed and in the identification of the trigger points.

Trigger point injections in Arlington TX are an effective treatment method and can bring relief for a wide range of pain spots. These include neck pain, back pain, arthritis, hip pain, and muscle soreness to name a few. It takes more than one treatment session to see results, but this treatment can give you the relief that you are looking for.

Other Considerations

When discussing whether this treatment is a good option for you with your doctor, be sure to ask about what the actual procedure entails, if there are any side effects, and what alternatives are available. You may also have to undergo an anesthetic, so that is another factor to think about.

Dealing with muscle pain can be very difficult, but when you work with an experienced doctor, they can help you find the relief you need. You can also look into physical therapy and massages to help you deal with the pain. Visit ZEN Interventional Pain & Wellness Center, PLLC for more info.

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