Where to Find Accredited Continuing Education Courses for X-Ray Technicians

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Medical Supplies

Like other healthcare professionals, X-ray technicians are required to complete specific continuing education for radiologic technologists every two years. Regardless of where the individual lives, all active radiologic technologists must complete at least 24 CE credits during each biennium. A biennium is a period of two years, and the only radiologic technologists that do not have to show proof of these CE credits are those who have retired and no longer practice.

How to Determine Your Next Biennium CE Deadline Date

A person’s biennium date begins on the first day of the individual’s birth month, and this period will end two years later the last day of the person’s birth month. It is essential that all radiologic technologists keep their personal contact information up to date by updating name, address or other personal data with the ARRT. This will help to ensure that any deadline or other notification dates and information will get to the proper person within the required time frame.

How Do I Obtain the Necessary Two-Year CE Credits?

All credit training modules must be designated as a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM) to ensure that the work will meet the guidelines. There are many online CE course material options now on the Internet that X-ray technicians can use for obtaining their required CE credits.

Reasons Why ARRT Requires CE Credits on a Two-Year Cycle

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists is the government agency that oversees professionals in this field and their required continuing education for radiologic technologists. X-ray techs need up-to-date skills and knowledge to perform their work safely and correctly.

These online programs can be completed over the course of a two-year CE credit period, or these can be completed all at once with a multi-course packet. Utilizing an online CE program is convenient.

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