When Patients Need Urgent Care at an Emergency Clinic in Nocatee

Urgent care in Nocatee offers fast service so patients can see a practitioner without an appointment or without having to go to a hospital emergency room. This kind of facility is commonly open some hours after the normal business hours. This is not the place to go when someone has symptoms of a potentially life-threatening medical situation, such as a heart attack, stroke, or drug overdose. Many other conditions, however, benefit from prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Urgent care provided by emergency clinics in Nocatee are commonly called a walk-in clinic. Technically, some of these clinics do require an appointment, but that generally means just making a phone call before arriving. At an urgent care clinic there is no need to wait several hours or longer to see a practitioner.

A person with an earache or a painful sore throat with a fever will appreciate being able to see an urgent care physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. These health care providers also encourage patients with numerous other ailments to come to the clinic. Symptoms of a urinary tract infection, for example, can usually be treated with a short course of antibiotics that can be prescribed at an urgent care facility such as Avecina Medical. People experiencing symptoms of a sinus infection or chronic coughing from an upper respiratory infection also may receive treatment, that can include prescriptions for medication. Conditions like a sprained ankle can also be treated at an emergency clinic in Nocatee as well.

What about symptoms that seem unusual, and the patient can’t determine whether they are truly serious or not? Generalized abdominal pain, for instance, can indicate many types of problems. A practitioner at the urgent care in Nocatee clinic often discovers the symptoms are simply caused by a buildup of gas, even though the discomfort is substantial and there are no symptoms of flatulence. The patient will likely benefit from a change in diet. In contrast, this pain may be caused by a stomach or intestinal ulcer, or it may be an early symptom of appendicitis. Diagnosis at Avecina Medical is a great first step towards seeking the appropriate treatment for many conditions.

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