What to Know About Kidney Disease Treatments

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Health

Parents of children suffering from kidney disease have many questions about disease processes and treatments. To have these questions answered, it is best to see a children’s kidney disease doctor. The doctors provide education and resources on the child’s specific kidney disease and discuss the best treatment options. Some kidney conditions require no treatment while others may require medications and monitoring of lab studies. In some cases, such as with chronic kidney disease, your child may need specialized pediatric kidney disease treatment in Dallas, TX.

Professional Dialysis Procedures

Doctors should provide the necessary information concerning the child’s kidney condition so parents can make informed decisions about the child’s treatments. When dialysis is the required treatment, one of the most important decisions parents face is where the child should receive dialysis care. Choose a renal care center with compassionate, caring, and experienced doctors. Children’s Renal Center works with DaVita Dallas Home Training to provide the best dialysis care for your child, including qualified pediatric peritoneal dialysis nurses, dieticians, and social workers.

Transplant Services

Unfortunately, patients on chronic dialysis will eventually need a kidney transplant. If this is the case, your child has the option of receiving a kidney from a live donor (usually a family member) or a deceased donor. A thorough evaluation of the child is performed to ensure the patient is ready for a transplant.

Children’s Renal Center and the Kidney Transplant Program at Medical City Dallas work together to prepare your child for transplantation. A multi-disciplinary team consisting of transplant surgeons, psychologists, nurses, dieticians, social workers, financial coordinators, administrative staff, and child life specialists ensure your child is provided with the best kidney transplant care.

Children’s Renal Center provides top quality care for children’s kidney disease in the Dallas area. They will ensure that your child has access to the best treatments, dietitians, nurses, social workers, and other professionals. Contact them today to schedule an appointment.

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