What A Client Should Expect From Professional Waxing Services In Round Rock TX

Body and facial hair is a serious point of contention for women of all ages and backgrounds, and one of the most utilized forms of removal is waxing. Though many people have heard stories of Waxing Services in Round Rock TX that have gone wrong, it is a safe procedure that provides long-lasting results. Going into a hair removal appointment with an idea of what to expect will help alleviate anxiety and allow a person to have the most positive hair removal experience possible.

Treatment Area Exam

The person performing the Waxing Services in Round Rock TX will first discuss which areas of the body to treat, and they will conduct a brief exam to ensure the client’s skin is not compromised. If a person has an excessive amount of irritation, a sunburn, or any other skin-related conditions, continuing with the procedure may lead to complications. It is also important to let the technician know if a person is taking any medications for skin-related illnesses.

Hair Removal

After a person’s skin is given the green light, the hair removal process will begin. First, the technician will spread a warm wax over the problem hairs and then firmly press a cotton strip over top of the wax. Finally, they will quickly remove the fabric, which pulls the wax and any hairs from the skin, resulting in a clean, smooth surface. Although some discomfort is experienced, the use of a cooling spray helps to reduce any pain.

Skin Maintenance

Waxing Services in Round Rock TX, while completely safe, do cause trauma to the surface of the skin. The aesthetician will treat the skin with a medicated lotion that reduces redness and helps facilitate the healing process. Most professionals recommend reapplying lotion over the treated area for a minimum of 48 hours to prevent ingrown hairs and alleviate any pain that may linger.

No one has to live with embarrassing and unwanted body hair. The team of experts at Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar provides custom-tailored hair removal and cosmetic services and will ensure anyone puts their best face forward. Call today to book an appointment and eliminate problem hairs for good.

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