Trigger Points and How They Contribute to Pain

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Health

Trigger points are specific points on the body that contribute to muscles spasms and inflammation that can cause discomfort to an individual. While the problem may lay within the trigger points when the muscles become knotted or too tight, the pain can be felt in the shoulder area, upper back and various other areas of the body. When the muscles in these points become knotted, it can be difficult to relax the muscles for the individual to obtain relief from the discomfort. Trigger point injections in Arlington, TX are administered into the area and combined with various other treatments such as stretching, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. A person can find relief from the discomfort they are experiencing and improve their mobility.

Advantages of Receiving an Injection

  • Trigger point injections will help the affected muscles relax to increase blood flow to the area. Improving the blood flow is important for anyone that has suffered an injury to help promote healing.
  • Offers immediate relief from the discomfort a person is experiencing.
  • One injection can help solve the issue causing the pain the individual is experiencing in their neck, back, or shoulders.
  • Trigger point injections in Arlington, TX can be administered over a period to provide a more permanent solution to the individual’s discomfort.
  • Improves the individual’s ability to move and help them remain active.

Consult a Specialist Today on How You Can Benefit from Trigger Point Treatments

If you are suffering from pain that does not dissipate and caused by knotted muscles, you should consult the specialist at Zen Interventional Pain and Wellness Center PLLC. They offer a wide-range of treatments to help solve or reduce your pain problem that impacts your daily life. From acute pain to chronic discomfort, they can find the right solution to managing your pain.

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