Three Tips on How to Select an Alzheimer’s Care Facility in Richmond

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Assisted Living Facility

An Alzheimer’s residence in Richmond, VA will give you peace of mind and rest if you are dealing with a loved one who needs more care than you can provide. These care facilities have the equipment, professionals, and auxiliary staff to help people live comfortable lives.


When considering an Alzheimer’s residence in Richmond, VA, you may want to look for specific certifications. There are national certification boards that ensure healthcare workers and managers understand the needs of these individuals. The operation should have a nurse on duty at all times, and the nurse should be in charge of all prescriptions and OTCs. The number of extra caregivers is vital. Most states require a certain amount of staff per patient. An activities director will ensure patients have things to do that fit their capabilities.


The food must be appealing, and the cooks must also serve a variety of nutritious meals. Food can help stimulate a person’s memory. Some residents enjoy eating and socializing with others. A formal dining room makes meal time an event to look forward to. Some seniors may still be able to prepare simple meals or snacks. An activity director may set up small cooking classes or workshops for these individuals.


Entertainment at an Alzheimer’s residence in Richmond, VA can range from art projects to animal therapy. Certified dogs and other friendly animals can bring back fond memories. Managers may choose to bring in musicians for entertainment and stimulation. Music therapy is a valuable tool when it comes to enhancing memory. These care homes are the perfect solution for many families.

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