The Importance of Regular Exercise for Alzheimer’s Patients in Richmond, VA

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Assisted Living Facility

Nearly any kind of exercise is appropriate for people with Alzheimer’s dementia in Richmond, VA as long as they can do it safely and without risk of injury. A memory care residential com munity that provides many opportunities for physical activity is beneficial for these individuals. Exercise is known for slowing the progression of memory loss, stimulating cognitive function and improving mood.

Aerobic Exercise

Many types of aerobic exercise are suitable for elderly men and women with Alzheimer’s dementia in Richmond, VA. Walking at a moderate pace, dancing, tai chi and yoga are just a few examples. Yoga is also useful for improving and maintaining flexibility, and tai chi helps with balance. Moderate to vigorous exercise has been shown to improve memory and understanding in Alzheimer’s patients.

Resistance Exercise

Building and maintaining lean muscle also is advantageous for individuals in this age group. People lose strength and muscle mass as they age if they don’t do resistance exercises like lifting free weights. Seniors won’t put on lean muscle to the extent that younger individuals do, but they will still experience a noticeable difference over time.

Additional Benefits

Being physically active has additional benefits. Residents with Alzheimer’s may sleep better because they are more physically tired. They may feel calmer in general, with less restlessness and anxiety.

The activities provide opportunities for socializing as well. Residents might participate in courses with a group of community members. They may enjoy taking walks inside the building or around the grounds with a friend or two. Staff members always provide discreet supervision to prevent wandering when residents are outdoors.

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