The Importance of Orthopedic Rehabilitation

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Health

Recovering from orthopedic surgery can many times require a team of professionally and medically trained professionals who can fulfill the requirements and needs after surgery. This is especially the case when the patient is an elderly individual with other medical needs. There are many times when a patient is assigned a team of rehabilitation specialists that work closely with them and the surgeon to make sure the patient is able to achieve motion and movement.

Why it’s Important

The length it takes a patient to receive rehabilitative care can depend on a variety of things. Much of it depends on the severity of their injury and also their current state of health and age. If it is an extensive surgery, it will take much longer to heal and recover friend, regardless of age. Sometimes these surgeries are as extensive as joint replacements in the knee or hip. These are the types of surgeries that could require rehabilitative therapy.

When a patient meets with an orthopedic physical therapist there is a variety of things that they will assess. They will discuss the pain that the patient is experiencing and how well they can function. They will also take a look at the area where surgery was performed to make sure everything is in good condition. Generally, without an orthopedic rehabilitation a patient may never be able to walk and perform tasks the way they once did. A therapist has the ability to strengthen the area so it is able to be able to be used as it once was.

It Takes Time

It will take time for an elderly patient to gain the courage and the ability to rebuild their motion and strength. Many patients are often hesitant at first because they are afraid of the pain or re-injuring the area. The good news, that if you need orthopedic rehabilitation in Monterey, CA, the professionals there will be able to work with the patient in order to make it easier for them to get through the process. They may be afraid at first but it does get better.

It is important for any patient, especially an elderly one to receive orthopedic rehab therapy after their surgery. It will make the process much easier for them and they also increase their chances of healing on a long-term basis. It will require quite a bit of patience, but with a little courage it can happen.

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