Surgical Teams Across U.S. Have a Trusted Medical Device Partner

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Health

Surgeon safety and well-being directly impacts the health of the patient undergoing the surgery. The focus is usually on the security of the patient, and for great reasons. But not too many ask how things can be made easier for surgeons themselves. After all, they are required to perform at a high level in an environment where things are often ‘do or die’. Surgeons must be at their peak physically, mentally, and emotionally. For this to happen, changes need to be made to protocols connected to surgical procedures.

More often than not, surgeries are completed with no issue. But there’s a flipside to this fact. Long hours, more patients, and increasingly specific types of surgery are causing some surgeons and surgical teams to make preventable mistakes in the operating room. Some mitigate the workload by opting for part-time work instead of worrying about keeping up with the demands of a full-time schedule.

To reiterate a former point, surgeon safety is patient safety. When surgeons act in the best interest of everyone, their operative prowess increases. Strict adherence to a pre-surgery checklist plays a vital role in the process. The first pre-incision step involves taking accurate roll call of all who need to be on the floor. This may sound simple, but this step is easy to overlook. Then they must confirm if the patient is the right patient; once again this is easy to overlook. The use of protected devices rounds off the checklist.

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